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First Episode of the Show

March 8,2014

This video was the first I created after starting my YouTube channel. Although my early work is a bit rough around the edges, this continues to be one of my most popular videos. Have a look for yourself and check out my other work to see how I’ve developed my creative voice and built a substantial online following.

Nike Flyease Review

July 28th 2015

As an influential Comedy YouTube Personality, I constantly strive to create videos that people can really connect to on a personal level. This clip is important to me, since it had an impact on changing people’s preconceptions on a topic that’s extremely meaningful. Watch it yourself to learn about my personal opinions, and don’t forget to comment and share.

Nike FlyEase: The Story Continues

October 27, 2016

The Nike review got the attention of Nike who contacted me to want use some of my footage to be featured in their own production. It is a true honor to show my face to the entire world and raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy!

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Featured in New Mobility Publication

November 1st 2018

But what if a wheelchair existed that could be propelled by pulling back on the rims instead of pushing forward?

As a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Florida International University in 2004-2006, Salim Nasser, 43, a C5 quad since 1994, designed the first reverse wheelchair propulsion system aiming to do just that. In 2010, his design won a national design contest sponsored by NASA. Rimas Buinevicius, a successful entrepreneur, read about Nasser’s design and contacted him in 2011 after spending four months in a wheelchair from a broken leg. Nasser and Buinevicius co-founded Rowheels in 2011.

Podcasting is a lot of 

fun and a great way 

to connect. 

Nov 30, 2018

Welcome Dirty Birdies to THIS Friday episode of BOUT TIME!! This week Sean and Patrick talk to Comedian and super hero Andy (not Adam) Imlay! We ask Andy 10 questions about his crazy first marriage, Superman, and his arch enemy Doug the body builder! 

Disclaimer: Adult content (Please be advised)

‘You Didn't Sound Handicap Over The Phone:’ An Interview with Andy Imlay

Feb 6th.2017

Andy Imlay got into comedy after seeing Chris Fonseca and Josh Blue perform, both well-known comedians with cerebral palsy (CP.) The Evansville resident talked about his comedy work, going to public school in the 1970s and ‘80s, and more at a Story Tent* video interview during last December’s Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities annual conference.


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